This is an update

Really?  Never.

Mr. Mañana is coming along; slowly, surely, and somewhat well.  Hit a brick of a word wall with Chapter Four but that has been overcome… it’s like the sophomore slump, only in literature… and in the fourth chapter… not the second.

Also something I’ve been playing with are two ideas for spec scripts, one is for a show called Emily, which is a humorous (perhaps) ghost story literally and metaphorically, and the other is for a currently untitled film/show about a City that is chosen as a sacrifice to hell.

It opens a little like this.  “When I awoke this morning, everything seemed uglier.  Sure, when I went to sleep the World was already in chaos, that David Hasslehoff guy saw to that, but things seemed different.  Somehow.”

Cannot wait for the Buffy PaleyFest 08 panel.  Can. Not. Wait.  Bye!


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